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Our floral compotes are designed in Australia by Oh Flora Studio and are handcrafted sustainably and ethically in Sri Lanka. Designed by an experienced florist, the timeless keepsakes allow you to create artistic and delightful arrangements without the use of floral foam which is damaging to the environment.

Our collection of floral compotes features our signature vessel, the Oh Flora Compote, which was inspired by the ridges of a cockle shell. It has a dreamy, romantic feel to its design yet remains modern and simplistic making it versatile for any occasion or theme. The Ella Compote is refined and elegant, ideal for creating petite centrepieces. The designs are available in a smooth matte finish and gorgeous shades including the limited-edition rosé, hazel, beige blush, coco, shell and washed terracotta for complementary styling.

We are passionate about creating innovative and luxurious ways for you to express your love of floral arrangements and botanicals. Our floral compotes make it easy and fun for everyone from florists, event and interior designers, stylists and homeware lovers to decorate dining tables, bars, entry tables, weddings, events, office spaces and more.

The collection is designed to be used in conjunction with a high quality, waterproof florist tape and chicken wire. We recommend avoiding getting water on the end of the tape when filling your vessel and to fill the Compote with fresh water a little over halfway prior to arranging and topping up the water every day or two for lasting freshness.

Oh Flora Store is committed to helping to eliminate the use of floral foam in arrangements and to encourage the use of sustainable alternatives. Our designs were born from our own unsuccessful search for a sustainable option. Along with our sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly products, our packaging is also made from recycled materials and is single use plastic free.

Thank you for visiting our store and browsing our collections. Please feel free to email us any questions at