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As a Floral Designer and Event Designer who started my own studio in 2013, I understand how difficult it can be to create marketing and business documents that accurately reflect your business and brand while being professional to entice potential customers to purchase from you. After many years of trial and error and determining what my target market responded well to and what led to conversions, I have created Florist Business Templates. These templates are perfect for those just starting out in business or seasoned business owners who would like to refresh their client communications and ensure their documents reflect the design elements of the rest of their business.

The first document is a Client Visual Proposal Template which aids in your clients understanding of your business, what you offer, and your vision for their project, all packaged up in a simple to edit Canva template which can be completely customised to your brand identity and colours. I have also created a Pricing & Services Guide Template after speaking to many other floral designers and event designers who found it difficult to convey their value when discussing their prices. The template will help you build a solid story of your business, your services and the reasoning behind your prices so you don’t have to engage in any bidding. Your value will be easily identifiable, and customers will be excited to work with you.

At Oh Flora, I am dedicated to sharing the experience and knowledge that I have gained over my decade of experience in the industry. It is my absolute pleasure to help you skip over the trial and error that I went through to create these templates. These are what I still use in my business till this day and I know you will find them valuable too.

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