Design Your Floral Story

Design Your Floral Story

Blooms and botanics are our artistic medium, a way of telling our story—a thoughtful curation of romance, nature and colour. 

When arranging, we often finish our designs with an abundance of props and fruits to transport viewers to far off, beautiful places. Think hand dyed ribbons on wooden spools, ripe stone fruits, a collection of seashells and layered vintage fabrics.

 Here are some of our tips for creating your floral story.

  1. Start with a nostalgia-inducing base to create your "nest" for your show stoppers.

Often overlooked, your floral base should have top priority when aiming to set the scene of a truly beautiful floral story. 

Large, visually heavy Botanics can produce a bolder look, while small leaves and stems that naturally offer more negative space allow for a lighter, feminine and airy base.

 A few favourites: Sweet Pea, Gladiolus (open and cut short), Statice, Geranium Leaves, short Delphinium & Rose foliage

  1. Next, add your larger or more dominant blooms.

These will give weight to your arrangement and sway your story in both colour and shape. Use large, ruffled Roses, Dahlias or layers of Lisianthus to add volume and depth as you form your design.

flowers and vases 

  1. Add more texture/ daintiness/ ruffles/ fullness… more is more!

Grasses, Cosmos, Daisies, Poppies, vines, dripping fruits - anything that dances above and dips below. This is where the magic happens! 

Ceramics for florists, by florists.

  1. Be dramatic with height.

A signature element of Oh Flora arrangements is creating beautiful lines and negative space using delicate shapes that float atop.

Floral Design

  1. Create your floral story. 

Layer vintage books, shells, ribbons, fruit, jewellery, vegetables… anything that inspires you and adds to the story you want to visually tell.

Take your time to play around, stand back, walk away, and look again with fresh eyes.

Sustainable floral design

And voila! To create our floral story, we experiment with lots of seasonal fruits, Etsy vintage finds, and our designs sit beautifully within our sustainably handmade vases and vessels. 


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